May 1,2018

“Know YOUR Worth. Then Add Tax.” ~ unknown

“My worth? Man, I know my worth! I don’t allow people to walk over me, use me, or take advantage of me. I set it straight from the get go.” Well in reality most of us at this age or younger really don’t know our worth. We’re in high school or college and just having fun, making new friends, and enjoying life. At this age, we are or should be preparing ourselves to go out into the REAL WORLD. But being in the real world you must know your worth. Not everyone is really there for you. They’re there due to knowing and believing you will always be there for them and every time they call you answer. But when you’re needing them for something, they are nowhere to be found. That’s a prime example of being taken advantage of and them not knowing your worth as well as you not knowing.

Before you let anyone in, know who you are and your worth. When finding and accepting who you are to know you worth, you have to know who you are in Christ first. Most aren’t looking to be surrendering your life to Christ just yet, but it pays off in the end. I promise. That’s how I found who I was and still finding who I am, as well as knowing my worth. I’m telling you now, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. Especially being young, surrounding yourself with those who may not believe in God like you do can hinder you from who you’re called to be. (That’ll have to be discussed on a later date.)

But all in all, who you are and your worth is found in Christ.

The process can be hard because he can set you apart from things or people you’re attached to. He does it just to get your attention and get you to know and be comfortable with you. Know you, know your worth because this world won’t. Not everyone has that mindset to appreciate you but all you have to know is God appreciates you, which leads you to appreciate yourself and then you’ll attract those who will appreciate you. Don’t settle for who are now. Don’t settle for the negative thoughts you have about yourself because of the way you’ve been treated in the past. Look forward to the future and know God has you, no matter who leaves. When you know your worth, that won’t even matter. I pray you take something away from this and KNOW YOUR WORTH!

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