Perhaps you feel invincible, or you think you may have time.. So you surrender to flesh and think as the world. Even though you know you are mine.

You know that I will not let you go and the path you’ve chosen is a dead end. I can not allow you to be happy without me. For there is no true happiness in sin. Satan has a goal in mind and his mind is set on you. He won’t be satisfied until you’re burning in hell, but I will not allow you to.

So I’ll have to take you through some things to try to help you understand. That you have to put your trust in me, instead of putting your trust into man. I will have to process you, that will separate your spirit from flesh. Now, ….satan will ask you “Is your God still here?” And the answer will ALWAYS be YES!! I just can’t let you give into the world, just because it “seems” the easy way out. I can not allow you to think it’s okay to know Me, and still fear and doubt. I have given my people a vision, and I’ve included you in that plan. And if you’re wondering why it’s you that I’ve chosen; it’s because “I AM that I AM”…

And you know enough about me to know that my love is great. And you know it’s because of my Son, that you’ve been saved from hell’s gates. So why do you continue to run, when you know there is nowhere to hide. My son’s blood is on your head. Your hiding place was revealed as he died.

Although I give you free will and free choice, and so I say this, that you may know. I will not stop being present in your life…so you may as well go where I say Go!

L. Simone #ProfessionalBlogger #Poet

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