Last Thursday night, I attended Worship Night at one of the ministries on our university campus. The atmosphere was so free and the Holy Spirit was definitely in that room. Throughout the night, joy kept coming up and it made me feel a certain way. Well, one of the elders got up and spoke on how during this holiday season or just life period, don’t just be thankful, have joy. He explained how we just don’t need to be thankful but have joy as well. How no matter what we have going on, always be thankful and obtain the joy of the Lord. And he wasn’t saying be thankful and have joy because of our trials but because we trust God and know He’ll be everything we need. Once he explained that, I immediately knew God was speaking directly to me.

The holiday season is my favorite season of the year. It gives me the feels of family, love, peace, laughter, and happiness. The past two years around the holidays something has happened and kind of dampened my mood. Whether its missing a loved one, not being able to spend time with all my family, or feeling alone, leaving jobs, friendships/relationships, I have been down until that Thursday night. My perspective and life changed forever. I knew that no matter what, God is forever here and His joy will exceed anything I feel or think. So with several things coming to an end in this season of my life, I have God’s joy and I know it will be my strength. I trust Him and believe everything I am going through will get better and it won’t always be like this.

This isn’t a long deep blog post but for those who have been feeling depressed, lonely, or going through different trials, seek the joy of the Lord. It will be your strength. It’s been only a few days and I can already tell a difference within myself and mindset. Once you change your perspective, I promise you’ll feel better. I’m not saying it will happen immediately but just to know you’re making progress to have faith in God and be thankful and joyful no matter what your situation is, is amazing.

So during this holiday season and the years to come, think about God’s joy and everything He has in store for you no matter your trials and tribulations. I know it can be hard and tough to get in the holiday vibes but God is here with you. He’ll be and give you everything you need in this life. I pray that you heal and trust Him to get you through your difficult journey. It won’t always be like this! Be Thankful! Choose Joy, Peace, Happiness, and GOD! I love you and praying God’s promises be fulfilled in your life.

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