Moving Forward

April 1,2018

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you feel like you were being blocked? Like your life appeared to be on hold, delay, or just “backed-up”. You know that there is more to life for you, you desire more, you can almost see it, taste it, but it feels like it’s just beyond your reach. You can see everyone else around you making moves, starting the business, getting married, having the babies, buying the homes, getting accepted into school, offered the promotions, making the money… and you’re like but wait a minute! What about me?

I grew up hearing…

“When your neighbor is being blessed, praise God, because that means He’s in the neighborhood and you could be next.”

There were times I wondered if He was in the wrong zip code. Well honey, maybe He’s right at your door, but something’s blocking His knock. Ever realized it could be you? But wait, why would I intentionally block a blessing? Why would I block the chance to move forward?

You say you want to move forward and do better, however your thought process and action are saying different and it’s blocking you. Perhaps you have become so negative in your thought Iife, that you can’t honestly see the positivity that surrounds you. You want better, but you keep telling yourself it can’t happen for you because you don’t have what it takes, or you need what so-and- so has, or you don’t have the same money, or the same opportunities, or access to the same type of people.

Your comfort zone is where you are hiding. You’re familiar with what this part of your life looks like. You don’t want to try something new because you’ve never done it before. Or perhaps you’ve never seen it modeled for you before. It may feel too risky, it’s scary, it’s too far out in the unknown. But you know what? No one can move you out of that zone except you. You have to do the work!

I recently watched a video that said, “God will order your steps, but He won’t move your feet.” Goodness if that ain’t the good gospel truth! Even if God was at your door, and decided to push past that blockade you still have to open the door to accept what He has for you. You have to move forward. So how do I move forward? One thought at a time. One decision at a time. One day at a time. Start with your thought process. Did you know there are Psychological studies that have shown that negative thinking actually alters and in some cases damages the networks in your brain? I know you don’t want this. Where do you start?

1. Change your way of thinking- Get literal. Take a sheet of paper. Jot down the first 5-10 or most common negative thoughts that you have. Write down to positives to counter-act that one negative.

2. Set up SMART Goals- SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. You don’t have to overdo it, just start with 1 or 2 goals, your top priority.

3. Find an accountability partner – Someone you can trust, you look up to or admire. Tell them about your challenge, your goal(s) and how they could help you. It could be just a weekly call to check in, it could be receiving encouragement from them, advice on how to move forward on your goal, or someone to keep you in prayer.

4. Increase your prayer life and reading the Bible – You can’t do this on your own, you need the intervention and back up of God. Read scriptures that encourage you to move forward. There may be some deep rooted things that you aren’t aware of that causes the continued blockage. Spending time in prayer and meditation by reading the Bible will help reveal those things to you.

So in 2018 – let’s stop blocking our progress, our dreams, our aspirations. Let’s do the work. Let’s move forward so we can encounter and obtain all that God has promised for our lives.

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