June 10,2019

If you’ve been on this earth for longer than 5 mins, you’ve experience hurt. My pastor has said that phrase many times and it is so true. We are not exempt from being hurt, overwhelmed, rejection etc.

Some believe God to be almost like a genie, you can make wishes and everything comes true and it’s utopia 24/7. In actuality, it’s not always utopia but you learn how to stand in the midst of upsets. James 1: 2-4 explains that we should count it joy when we experience trials for it produces faith. If I can be honest here, this sounds terrible. I don’t want to feel or experience trials. However, I can attest to the scripture that my trials have produced faith, strength, courage and many other things in me that are bigger than my right now. See the trials are always for preparation of your calling but also to make you look more like Christ.

Jesus Christ was the ultimate restorer and we can guarantee we will see restoration for our trials. God does not intend us to experience trials whether from him or the enemy to leave you stagnant but to make it work out for your good (Romans 8:28). Restoration is the perfect will of God no matter the circumstance. Restoration can appear in the form of a restored marriage, friendship, family relationship, finances or God can restore the hurt and pain in your heart without physically restoring any of the aforementioned.

Psalm 23:4 becomes more real than anything during these times. Trials sometimes do feel like the valley of the shadow of death. Our hearts are ton, egos bruised, world seemingly falling apart, but we come to understand in restoration the depths to our soul to be restored in love, see happiness and be thankful again.

If you are in the midst of a stormy trial and it feels like you will see no end, know that God can redeem time and fix any situation. If the situation isn’t rectified, he can give you peace and the healing you need to move forward.

I encourage everyone reading this to stay connected in community with people who speak life into you but also hold you accountable. Seek counseling if necessary and stay on your knees with God. Love covers a multitude of sins and Jesus Christ’s love has covered every one of our sins. If restoration isn’t something you can handle at the moment, take it one day at a time. Just trust the process and be gentle with yourself.

Release the pain everyday if you have too. One day at a time, a day closer to restoration.

I love you – God




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