The Battle…


The spirit of the Lord came to me one night and it took my breath away. He told me it was time to prepare for battles that satan would be throwing my way.He told me to hold on and don’t get discouraged, though it may seem I’ve crossed enemy lines. He said be steadfast and be of good faith, for this battle was his, and not mine.

He showed me a vision of a valley below and I noticed that many were dead, Then he gave to me a protection of armor..and then with his mighty voice said…”Those that are dead fought against satan, but they never called my name. They fought to get back what satan had stolen, but the battle they fought was in vain.

The valley you see is the shadow of death and many that have walked through have died. Fear not for I give you my armor of protection with my rod and my staff at your side.

For the days you feel to tired to stand I’ve placed beneath you ‘The Rock’. I have built you a shelter to cover your head and behind you, I’ve placed my flock. I am the shield that will go before you to protect you from what lies ahead. To spare your blood, because all that was needed, Jesus has already shed.

You will have peace as you walk through the valley, so fear not and be not removed. And while you are resting I will fight your battle, so your strength shall stay renewed. You will run and not faint, walk and not be tired, for the yolk that I give you is light.

Then I will lead you to waters that are still…. but satan will continue to fight.

Be not afraid for I will mount you up with the wings of a victorious bird. Just speak the greatest weapon I’ve given to you; the two edge sword I call my Word. Then the wrath of hell shall flee from you and will restore your soul. Declaring the victory over satan’s army, and return to you ALL that he stole.”


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