The Gift


I was walking down a road one day, just a walk to think. When I saw a gift along the road wrapped all pretty in pink.

I opened the gift and looked inside there sat a pair of shoes… The brilliant voice of God then said: “Wear them, they’re for you.

They’re much too pretty to wear I thought so I carried them along the way. When I saw a gift wrapped in gold, and then I heard the Lord say:

“This too is a gift for you so you’ll have to search no more.”

I opened the gift and found Joy and wondered what was this for? Well, I picked up my shoes and Joy and continued down the road, when I saw a gift wrapped in white that seemed to carry a load.

What a strange gift, I thought, and then, once again, I heard the Lord speak…”Take this gift home with you, but don’t open it for a week!”

I tried to pick up the heavey gift but it wouldn’t seem to move. So I had to wrap the Joy around me and slip into my brand new shoes.

I lifted the gift and took it home, for one one week it sat on the shelf… God said: “You can open it now.”.. and when I did, I saw myself.

God said “Keep looking my child for this is the greatest gift thus far, I give it to you to have a friend and show how blessed you are.

The shoes I gave you is for your journey, they’ll help along the path you take. The Joy I gave is out of love, thank my son, it’s for his sake.

You see this last gift I give you, is the most precious gift of all, I give it to you for strength and courage to carry on when you fall.

This gift is heavy for a reason.. it has everything that you need, It made you put on you’re shoes and Joy and you didn’t even see it.

It taught you to have patience while just sitting on a shelf. It taught you to have faith in me, while showing you yourself.

I give my precious gift to you, and in it, everything that you see. My precious gift I’ve wrapped in white…You, My Spirit, My Son, and Me.”

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