Three Ways to Break Cycles

July 13,2018

“Didn’t I conquer this last year?

Tell me what I missed ’cause I fear

That it’s coming back up again

Must be something I ate

Some song, some show, some hate

The devil wants to extend the game, free throws

And when it ends he wants to make the sequel

‘Cause if he has another chance

He feels like he can take

My joy, my peace, my faith”

– Jonathan McReynolds

That song literally speaks my life. Lately, I can say that I’ve been going in cycles. Things I thought I got rid of years ago or conquered have come back up. And I’m just sitting here saying, ” This again? Really? “. Other times, I thought I had really conquered it, but this year, it’s a whole different story. I’m ready to break the cycles and be all God has called me to be. You may be going through the same thing. Whether it be cycles of generational curses, depression, lusting , pornography, toxic relationships, financial, spiritual, or pain, they’re all cycles that can be broken. You can be free of whatever it may be! Over the past few months, I’ve learned a few ways to overcome cycles. It won’t happen overnight, nothing ever does. What I will say is that it helps and will eventually lead you into freedom.

1. Pray

Praying helps with literally anything! Prayer is communication with God. It doesn’t have to be in a certain form or fashion. He just desires you to come and communicate with Him. Whatever cycle you’re facing, go to God and talk to Him about it. Also, be willing to listen to what He has to tell you. It could very well be the answer to what you need. So build your prayer life up. Pray about that cycle that has you in bondage every single day and never stop!

2. Seek God

Seeking God is so much more than prayer. You have to get into His Word and apply it to your life. Once you began seeking God, your mindset will change, heart will be in the right place, and you’ll start to become more of who He has called you to be. When seeking God about your cycle, you have to be willing to let go of it. It doesn’t make sense to pray and seek God about it if you’re not ready to let it go. Be real with yourself and God.

3. Change Environments

Your surroundings are everything! From the people you hang around to the places you go, all isn’t good for you, especially if it triggers your “cycle”. It may become difficult to let go of the environment you’re used to. If you’re trying to elevate and do right and they’re not, it’s time to let go. You don’t need anything or anyone getting in the way of your deliverance and purpose. So from now on, know that your environments and the people you’re around are extremely important. Changing your environments can lead you to the places and people you need in your life that may help break the cycles.

Cycles are crucial. The devil knows them and will always try to make you stay in it. Like stated before in a previous blog, he likes to keep you down so you won’t grow with God and do the purpose He has for your life. Growth is needed. Cycles need to be broken. Whatever it may be holding you back, pray, seek God, and change environments so that you can be FREE!

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