What is a B.A.M. Activist?

By agreeing to become a “BAM” Activist you’re agreeing with this ministry to Believe and Move! As an activist you are letting it be known that your faith is active and living. You are making your first move of active faith in pledging support to this work.

By pledging support you are not entering into any type of binding covenant. You are simply affirming to us that you desire to be a part of a great network of believers and movers. We are here to empower one another. As being a part we desire your participation through prayers, skill sets, services, and donations if led by God. But more importantly we desire to see you grow as we encourage you to become active in the B.A.M. movement!

As an activist you will help make the “BAM” tag go viral as a way of reaching and helping other women win their warfare. It all starts with FAITH! We must believe then we move. If you believe God has placed it on your heart to connect with this ministry, make that initial faith move. Send us an inquiry then we will begin to discuss your BAM action plan. After that you will be a part of our support team as we inspire others to B.A.M.  

As an activist you will: 

  • Be willing to take risks.
  • See the value of today over “one day.”
  • Be energized by change! Don’t run away from it.
  • Take total responsibility for your life. Don’t blame others.
  • Develop tenacity. You’ve got to learn to stick with something, even when it’s hard.
  • Be willing to do what others are not, even if that includes grunt work—and it will include grunt work!
  • Finally, take action NOW. You have to start where you are, since you’ll never be in any other place than where you are. Right here, right now is the point from which you’ll move forward.

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