Ms. Zee also known as Ms.Love is an example of that!
She has an abundance of Love that is contagious to all that come in contact with her. She is full of wisdom, encouragement, and such zeal for the Lord. I met her during my time as a college student in my undergrad years. She has been such an encouragement and has played a key role in my life. I have learned from Ms. Love some valuable life lessons she has taught me the importance of loving myself and of having balance. Thanks to Ms. Zee I now know my value and the importance of living a balanced life. Love ya, Southeastern University Graduate.  Leanna Bernauer

When the Apostle Paul discusses the different spiritual gifts given to different believers in 1 Cor. 12:9, he mentions the gift of faith. Over in Romans, 12:3 he explains “God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.” Chances are you have met many people with a measure of faith. Chances are you have never met one with the gift of faith. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with the gift God has placed in Zee to coach you towards seeing your dreams become your reality! Love ya! – Andrea

Zenovdia entered my life at a very special point and divine time. I had been looking and praying for a Mentor towards the end of my college career and had a hard time finding the “right” person. Well, a few weeks into the start of my Graduate studies I met Zee at a ladies event and was immediately drawn to her. She served as a Mentor, a big sister and an accountability partner. She encouraged me, motivated me, and inspired me within my new life as an adult on my own. She was there through graduate school, various jobs, as a single Christian woman, spiritual growth, purchasing my own home at age 23, my dating life and even was a bridesmaid in my wedding! Zee helped me to see the power, strength, intelligence, and destiny God had placed within me. Words can never describe how incredibly blessed I have been to have Zee in my life. She’s definitely one of those people that you never regret meeting because she will always influence your life for the better. She is a woman of God with incredible insight, integrity, grace, and knowledge. Zee, you’re the best!  Love ya! – Desirae Ofori

Zenovdia has been a great inspiration in my life for several years now. Her constant message of hope and encouragement has helped me endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:3), and has taught me the importance of living a life of integrity and responsibility. “She is the epitome of strength, beauty, steadfastness. Love ya!! – Antoya Jones

Zenovdia has come into my life and has touched my heart with her smile, her abilities and capacity for greatness in all forms.
I will never be the same and for that I love her and I thank her. She is an inspiration and everyone should be so lucky to know her. Love ya!! – Debbie Petitti

If you are in need of a fresh, creative and life altering perspective Zenovdia Love is your go to girl. She is a lively stone that leaves no place the same after her presence has left its mark. Ms. Love is an authentic servant leader who desires to catapult every one she meets into greater dimensions of excellence. Love – Kristie Kennedy Ward

Zenovdia’s faith and positive energy…
Led to the purchase of my first home,” said Merissa Green, a newspaper reporter for The Ledger. “Her encouragement and unmovable belief helped me to trust God for crazy blessings. Love Ya!! – Merissa Green

Zenovdia – sensitive, encourager.
This is how I would describe this woman. At my lowest point she was able to offer a kind word from The Lord. It’s unexplainable how she speaks, nevertheless you feel that you should move on it. Her encouragement gave me the strength to look inward and start a business – CR Alterations. Her gentle prodding brought something within me out that “helps” others and feels right. You never know where God’s angels will show up. Thanks Zenovdia, Love – Carolyn

It’s rare that you find a seamless continuity in a person’s faith and trust in God.
Zee’s lifestyle reflects the imagery of an anchor that firmly holds fast to EVERY SINGLE promise given by the Father. Her unwavering faith plunges her to total submersion and suspension in the abysmal and everlasting arms of a God who cannot fail. This is the kind of faith that not only pleases God, but makes Him smile and wink back. Love Ya!! New Day!! – Dawn

Zenovdia Love’s encouragement has acted as a propeller in my life.
She has a charisma about her that motivates one to go forth and become all that they can be! Her caring disposition compliments her strong willed nature gracefully. Zenovdia’s skills to teach balance in daily life and the wisdom she gives to do so are key tools that lackadaisical society needs today. She truly is a voice of hope, inspiration, and commitment to the people of the 21st century. Love Ya!! – Cadance

Although I’d known Zenovdia for many years we became better acquainted during a transitional period in my life when I was dealing with major marital issues. During that period in addition to becoming a mentor she became a true friend. Zenovdia shared her personal testimony of how she managed transitions and overcame obstacles in her life. She was able to serve as an example of how to deal with adversities in life while showing grace and the tenacity to overcome. Her guidance is always rich in biblical principles while including practical life experience. I’m always encouraged and rejuvenated when I interact with Zenovdia, her high level of excitement and positive energy is contagious. Her example and leadership has given me confidence that I am able to survive adversities in life while still striving to be the woman that God has called me to be. I am grateful for Zenovdia. She truly is a blessing as she inspires the lives of others and cheers them on. “ Love Ya!! – Tamika Brown

God gave me the opportunity to meet Ms. Zenovdia Love at crucial turning point in my life. The first words that Ms. Zenovdia spoke to me were words of empowerment, encouragement and blessing. Ms. Love carries herself in a way that represents the Lord she serves, which causes others to seek her wisdom and advice. There has never been a moment with Ms. Love that does not stay imprinted in my mind; I leave reminded that I am qualified to accomplish everything the Lord has set out for me. She rarely says what I want to hear because she speaks truth and what I need to hear. Ms. Love has conquered life’s obstacles and wants to help others do the same. She continually speaks out the potential and greatness in those that surround her. As a college student, I have seen Ms. Love’s heart for those that are striving to advance their education and obtain their purpose. I have learned the importance of having Godly mentors, like Ms. Love that can give you the right tools to be successful in all areas of life. Ms. Love constantly reminds me the importance of enjoying the life God has given me with balance. She is a one of a kind trustworthy Godly woman that cares for others, especially those under her mentorship. Love Ya!!! – Ashley Villegas Wickersham

Ms. Zee has served me as a life coach/mentor for about a year by helping to coach me through ministry, challenges, and sharing the wisdom and knowledge she has gained.
She has taught me so much by shaping my life skills, especially interpersonal, communication, and leadership qualities. The relationship that has developed as a result of connecting with her has become one like between a mother and daughter, which I like to call her ‘Momma Love.’ She has trained me spiritually through teaching and demonstrating to me the proper ways in which to encourage and approach others as well as how to use the Word of God in prayer. What I love most about her is how she always uses every opportunity to connect with me as a way to grow and mature herself. Never have I felt intimidated, ignored, or unworthy of her time. Because of the way she has demonstrated through her faithfulness to serve me as a life coach, it has shown me the value of myself as well as others. ‘Nothing should be taken for granted, but always embraced with purpose.’ That is the phrase I would use to describe Momma Love. She is very purposeful with all she does, which transforms into others by discovering their life holds a valuable purpose. Lisa Harris, Southeastern University Undergrad Student – Lisa Harris Browning