Seek My Face

May 7,2019

I’ve given you your daily bread.

I’ve shown you yourself, brand new.

I’ve answered prayers and supplied your needs.

Now I ask one thing of you…

I ask you, simply, to seek my face.

Seek me with everything you have.

As you seek, I’ll reveal myself

And bless you, on my own behalf.

I will mount you up as an eagle,

And place you high among man.

You will know mercy, grace, glory, and peace,

That many may not understand.

If only you just seek my face,

Riches will be given unmeasured.

Unknown gifts will flow from your spirit,

And my visions I’ll give you as treasures.

You will know my glorious wonders,

Just keep your eyes on me..

In your faithfulness, I give you the promise,

Of salvation to your family.

I see that you are a faithful servant,

And I tell you I am well pleased.

Seek my face, and I will reveal all that’s yours.

Things that you never thought you would see.

Written By: L. Simone #wowwnow

Copyright protected ©2020. All rights reserved.

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